Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Of Best Gas Can U.S.A. - FAQs

FAQs about buying and selling the best new and used gas cans, spouts, nozzles, and fuel dispenser accessories in America.


Best Gas Can U.S.A. is an easy, intuitive platform for buying and selling America’s best new and used gas dispenser solutions. However, many visitors still have questions. I’m always happy to help: If you have any questions not answered here, please contact me.


Q: Why buy on Best Gas Can U.S.A.?

A: Best Gas Can U.S.A. is a dedicated, one stop marketplace for the best new and used fuel dispenser solutions in America. I take personal pride in connecting buyers and sellers of gas cans that work: I carefully screen sellers and item listings, I’m always happy to attend to buyers’ concerns, and I strive to inform buyers of developments in the gas dispenser market via my blog.


Q: Why sell on Best Gas Can U.S.A.?

A: My goal is to showcase your fuel dispenser solutions to a vast pool of motivated buyers in a dedicated marketplace with as little interference as possible. Creating an account is free, listing items is free, commissions are low (just 10% on gross sales), there are no referral fees or fees of any other kind, many sellers don’t have to charge sales tax using this platform, and no personal information is shared with anyone.


Q: I already sell in a retail outlet. Why sell here, too?

A: Listing items is free, so there’s absolutely no cost to you unless you sell an item. Here, your items are showcased in a place where people from all over the country go for no other reason but to purchase America’s best gas dispenser solutions. Best Gas Can U.S.A. exists for the sole purpose of connecting you with people who want to buy your products.


Q: How does the sale process work?

A: It’s simple: The seller creates a “shop”, posts an item or multiple items to the shop, the buyer purchases the item(s), the seller ships the item(s), and Best Gas Can U.S.A. pays the seller, minus a 10% commission on gross sales.


Q: What methods of payment can the buyer use?

A: The buyer can pay via PayPal, credit card, or debit card.


Q: How does Best Gas Can U.S.A. pay the seller?

A: The seller accrues funds in his “shop”, which can be withdrawn at any time.


Q: Where do withdrawn funds go?

A: Withdrawn funds go to the seller’s PayPal account.


Q: How long does it take for funds to reach the seller’s PayPal account?

A: Withdrawn funds are deposited into the seller’s PayPal account within 2-3 business days.


Q: How long do items remain in the seller’s shop?

A: Items remain in the seller’s shop until all units are sold or until the seller deletes them. However, Best Gas Can U.S.A. reserves the right to remove listings for violations of the Terms of Service.


Q: Does the buyer pay shipping and handling or commission?

A: The buyer pays the price of the item, plus shipping and applicable taxes, as specified by the seller. Only the seller pays commission.


Q: Who collects and disburses taxes?

A: Sellers are responsible for collecting and disbursing taxes, if applicable. In many areas, sellers aren’t required to collect taxes when selling on this platform. However, rules vary. Best Gas Can U.S.A. strongly recommends that sellers become familiar with relevant tax laws.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: Shipping is the responsibility of the seller, but Best Gas Can U.S.A. enforces a policy of unit delivery within eight (8) business days of purchase. Delivery time greater than eight business days can result in poor reviews from buyers and constitutes a violation of the Terms of Service. Repeat violations of terms may result in a permanent removal of shops from the site.


Q: What about shipping safety?

A: Shipping is the responsibility of the seller, and Best Gas Can U.S.A. expects sellers to take all reasonable precautions and follow all applicable laws regarding the sale and shipping of items. Failure to do so also constitutes a violation of the Terms of Service.


Q: What if I have a dispute with a buyer or seller?

A: Buyers and sellers are responsible for resolving their own disputes. However, Best Gas Can U.S.A. reserves the right to settle them as it sees fit.


Q: How do I track my order?

A: Buyers and sellers are strongly encouraged to use shipping solutions that enable item tracking.