1-1/2″ Vented Metal Gas Can Cap w/ Cardboard Gasket Eagle Briggs & Stratton Lid

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**Gas Can Not Included**


1-1/2″ Vented Metal Gas & Equipment Screw Cap.1x 1.50″


New Vented Heavy Duty Aluminum Cap with Cardboard Gasket for Metal Gas Cans with 1-1/2″ Diameter Openings. Also fits Briggs & Stratton (#298425 & #493982)


PLEASE READ: METAL GAS CAP ONLY1-1/2” Vented Metal Cap 5057 5057A 5014 5014A 050204 293270 297863 298425 29842S 391494 394818 Aftermarket Briggs cap 395014 492982 493982 Stens-125 Arnold GC-125 Metal Fuel Cap 1 1/2″ Diameter, High dome Replaces: Briggs & Stratton 5014, 5014A, 5014B, 5014C, 5057, 5057A, 5057B, 5057D, 293270, 297863, 298425, 391494, 395014, 493982, 493982S 60000, 80000, 92000, 100000, 130000 series For 2 – 4 HP horizontal & vertical engines Fits 3, 3.5, 4 & 5 HP engines  Fits hundreds of different vintage gas, fuel, diesel, kerosene and railroad oil cans with 1-1/2″ opening.  Might fit on some gas, fuel, diesel, kerosene and oil cans with a 1-1/2″ (1.50″) opening like Eagle, Brookins, Gasser,  Delphos,  Napa, Balkamp, Ironsides,  Justrite, Reeves,  Duo-Therm (Duo-Trim), Sinclair,  Conoco,  Porta,  Coleman,  McCulloch,  Standard, Lawn-Boy, Railroad Oil Cans and Tru-Test to mention a few.


★ IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK MEASUREMENTS AND COMPARE TO YOUR EXISTING PARTS. Not all Gas Can Parts are Interchangeable between Brands. These Parts do not fit any other Brand cans other than what is stated above.  These Parts are hard to find and considered obsolete due to New Government Regulations.  Buy a few to keep on hand to Save your old gas can from the landfill  ★


**Gas Can Not Included**


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