Eagle Fix Your GAS CAN PARTS KIT for Eagle Plastic Cans PG-1 PG-3 PG-5 PG-6 KP-3 KP-5 U-3 U-5 kerosene diesel water jugs

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Brand New, Never Used, Not in Retail Package

**Gas Can Not Included**

-1 Aftermarket Eagle Gas Spout including Gasket. These are Very High Quality Fuel / Gas / Diesel / Kerosene / Water “SPOUT & PARTS KIT”. If only using the Spout & Stopper alone, these May fit of some other Brand Plastic Gas Cans using your own existing screw cap collar for Gott, Rubbermaid Essence, Blitz, Midwest, Scepter, Igloo, Stancan, Rotopax and Kolpin. (These do not work with Chilton / Sears Craftsman Wedco / Briggs & Stratton cans).

-1 Aftermarket Eagle Stopper Cap. These Stopper Caps double as a Spout Cap and as a Stopper for this kit only when hiding the spout inside the can for storage or transport. The Gasket on the end of the spout is the seal between the Collar, Stopper and Can, so be sure your Spout Gaskets are in good condition.

-1 Scepter Brand Screw Cap Collar 05765 (fits Eagle Plastic cans). These screw cap retaining rings hold the spout to the can.

-1 Aftermarket Black Eagle Rear Air Vent Cap. These rear vent screw caps keep dirt and debris out of your can.

★ IMPORTANT: PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK MEASUREMENTS AND COMPARE TO YOUR EXISTING PARTS. Not all Gas Can Parts are Interchangeable between Brands. These Parts do not fit any other Brand cans other than what is stated above.  These Replacement Spouts & Parts are hard to find and considered obsolete due to New Government Regulations.  Buy a few to keep on hand to Save your old gas can from the landfill  ★

**Gas Can Not Included**