ORIGINAL WEDCO GAS CAN SPOUT & PARTS KIT Spout w/ Gasket & Spout Cap, Collar, 3 Air Breather Vent Caps

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Brand New, Never Used, No Retail Package.

**Gas Can, Ruler & Caliper Not Included**

-1 Wedco 84060CR Versaflex Gas Spout w/ Gasket & Spout Cap. Genuine Wedco Part number 84060 CR. With Gasket on the bottom of the spout OD is 1-5/8″, length when full expanded is 9″ long, length when full compressed is 5-7/8″ and tip opening is 1/2″. Spouts Only work with Wedco / Briggs & Stratton cans using Wedco Screw Cap Collar 84004 CR. These are New and Unused Vintage Style Spouts including Black Spout Cap & Gasket for all Plastic Wedco / Briggs & Stratton gas, diesel, kerosene and water containers.

Please note, these spouts only work with Wedco Screw Cap Collars 84004CR because of the width of the base just above the Gasket 1-3/8″ won’t fit through most other manufacturer Screw Cap Collars which is the retaining ring that holds the spout to the can.

-1 Screw Cap Collar #84004CR (retaining ring holds the spout to the can).

-1 Yellow, 1 Black & 1 Red Vent Caps with RETAINING LIP to prevent from popping out of your can. Original “MADE IN THE USA” Tri-Sure Vents Brand New, Never Used, No Retail Packaging. 3 Pieces total Vent Caps. Use Air Breather Vents for Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene, Gas, Water or anything that you need a smoother faster flow.  Easy to install, drill required.  Start with an empty can, Drill 1/2″ hole at the back of your plastic can above the fill line, insert vent cap and pop it in gently with a rubber mallet. We suggest you drill a smaller hole to start with and work your way up to the 1/2″ drill bit. Be sure to drill a straight clean hole don’t swagger side to side with the bit so you won’t make a bigger hole than you need. The Vent cap needs to sit in tight to give a good seal. Be sure to clean out your can prior to usage.  Helpful Hints Installation Card included with every order!

★ Genuine Original Wedco, Briggs & Stratton Versaflex Spout & Screw Cap Collar.  These OEM Replacement Spouts & Parts are hard to find and considered obsolete due to New Government Regulations.  Buy a few to keep on hand to Save your old gas can from the landfill  ★

**Gas Can, Ruler & Caliper Not Included**